» Message from the President, Jacques Potdevin

November 13, 2010

13.11.2010 15:25:42

» Message from the President, Jacques Potdevin

In our line of work we are constantly analysing and assessing the risks that our clients are facing. Whether we are dealing with a legal audit where this aspect is critical for evaluating the reliability of the flows of information, or a situation where we are providing contractual assistance on a specific issue so as to improve the arrangements in place, our role is first and foremost to help our clients to anticipate any difficulties.

Nevertheless, no matter what arrangements may already be in place, the global economic crisis that we've been experiencing since autumn 2008 has generated a number of risks for which emergency measures have had to be taken in order to ensure the survival of many organizations.

Although there is still uncertainty on some matters, in particular regarding the return to regular, sustained growth, it is clear that several lessons that we have learnt must be incorporated into future strategies.

All across the world, the last two years have led to major developments that even years of cooperation between countries were not able to achieve. The global system has changed, in relation to government, taxation, financial flow regulation and regulation of the financial sector among other things, and this changed system must be taken into account in our own procedures too.

Any crisis that involves significant changes must be considered as the chance to explore new opportunities. The organizations that we work with often have to redefine themselves in terms of growth, new business models, the way they create value and obtain the necessary financing.

We have finally realised that we live in a globalised economy, on a day-to-day basis and at all levels of life. This situation should spur us on to assimilate the new regulations and as far as possible make us aware of the benefits and constraints that they entail. In particular, the challenge lies in the quality of the flows of information that reach us and in the action that we take as a result.

There are certainly various approaches to these issues, but our network, and the men and women that are its driving force, is without doubt a formidable asset in supporting the development and survival of the organizations that place their trust in us.

Each and every one of us must be constantly alert to this dynamic environment, which should definitely be considered to offer lots of new and exciting opportunities.

All that remains is for me to wish you all the best in 2011, both in your professional and personal aspirations, in a climate that now seems to be calmer and full of optimism.